Complete the following sentences using present simple:


1. Tom and Lewis (go) out once a week.


2. Mary (eat) pizza twice a week.


3. Mr. Black (go) to England once a month.


4. The hotel (serve) meals at 8 o'clock.


5. Steve (play) tennis at every day.



Complete the senteces using present continuous:



1. I  (write) a poem now. 


2. She  (leave) tomorrow morning.


3. We  (build) a house.


4. Paul and Jennifer  (study) French at university.


5. Peter  (leave) outside.



Complete the sentences with past simple:



1. Susan   (teach) English at university last year.


2. John  (not like) studying English.


3. My sister  (break) my computer.


4. Sarah  (write) the best poem.


5.  (you / know) the answer to the question?



Complete the sentences with past continuous:



1. I (travel) all day and I arrived a bit late last night.


2. I (wonder) if I could use the washing machine for my clothes.


3. My sister  (take) care of me at that time.


4. I (walk) home when I saw her.


5. Peter (watch) television when he was sent a message.


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