Irregular Gender of Nouns

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Directions: Write the missing definite (el, la, los, las) or indefinite article (un, uno, una, unas) for each of the following nouns. Pay attention to gender and number!


1. ciudades (the cities)

2. mujer (a woman)
3. hombres (the men)
4. problemas (the problems)
5. sistema (the system)
6. canción (a song)
7. amistad (the friendship)
8. universidades (the universities)
9. lección (the lesson)
10. flor (a flower)
11. color rojo (the red color)
12. lunes (Monday)
13. solución (a solution)
14. conversación (the conversation)
15. rey (a king)
16. clima (the weather)
17. hombre (a man)
18. mujeres (the women)
19. verdad (the truth)
20. viernes (Friday)