Adjective Agreement and Placement

Directions: Write the noun and the adjective in the appropriate order. Make changes in gender and number as necessary. 


1. Un coche rápido (a fast car)

Dos   (two fast cars)


2. Un estudiante inteligente (an intelligent student)

Dos   (two intelligent students)


3. Una chica simpática (a nice girl)

Muchas   (many nice girls)


4. La clase fácil (easy class)

Las   (easy classes)


5. Un restaurante elegante (an elegant restaurant)

Muchos   (many elegant restaurants)


6. Una manzana roja (a red apple)

Cuatro   (four red apples)


7. Un plátano amarillo (a yellow banana)

Muchos   (many yellow bananas)


8. Una naranja dulce (a sweet orange)

Muchas   (many sweet oranges)


9. Un zapato nuevo (a new shoe)

Un par de   (a pair of new shoes)


10. Una casa vieja (an old house)

Tres   (three old houses)