Tener que + Infinitive

Directions: Write the correct form of the "tener que" expression to complete the sentences. Include additional vocabulary whenever necessary.


1. (Yo)   sacar la basura (I have to take the trash out).
2. (Nosotros)   trabajar mañana (We have to work tomorrow).
3. (Él)   practicar hoy (He has to practice today).
4. (Ella)   ir de compras esta noche (She has to go shopping tonight)
5. (Usted)   hacer ejercicio (You have to exercise).
6. (Ellas)   estudiar hoy (They have to study today).
7. (Yo)   ir a la biblioteca (I have to go to the library).
8. ¿(Tú)   ir al baño? (Do you have to go to the bathroom?).
9. (Ustedes)   ser más amables (You all have to be nicer).
10. (Tú)   cortar el césped (You have to mow the lawn). 
11. Mi mamá   mañana (My mom has to work tomorrow).
12. Mi hermano   (My brother has to take the trash out).
13. Mis hermanas   (My sisters have to go to the library).
14. Mis amigos   hoy (My friends have to study today).
15. Mi papá  (My dad has to exercise).
16. Mi hermano menor   (My younger brother has to go to the bathroom).
17. Mi abuelita   (My grandma has to go shopping).
18. Mi tío mañana (My uncle has to work tomorrow).
19. (Yo)  más amable (I have to be nicer).
20. (Nosotros)   hoy (We have to practice today).