Introduction to Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egyptian Achievements


Primary Source: A peasant at work in the fields


a The ancient Egyptians developed a remarkable and unforgettable .


b For instance, even without having the , they somehow constructed the Great Pyramid of Giza.


c They also developed their own system of , called hieroglyphics.


d Some historians assert that the ancient Egyptians were the first to cats, about 8000 years ago, but others believe that this occurred much earlier in Cyprus. The Egyptians loved cats so much that their cat goddess was one of their favourite gods (among about 2000 gods).


e The Egyptians also the bodies of the dead with great skill.


f They lived successfully in a land that, except for a thin strip near its river, was basically desert.


g Their civilisation was only made possible only by the existence of the River.


h Every year the Nile delivered its fertile to the inhabitants of the Nile Valley.


i Every year the Egyptian used that silt and water to crop their land and grow the food that supported the whole population.


j Since the Egyptians had to deal with the life-saving but potentially dangerous flooding of the Nile River each year, they became experts in controlling and using .


k For instance, they used the flood waters to their crops.



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