Technicien d'entretien automobile

1) It may be tempting to tinker  with your car on your own when it breaks down , but for most people, the only solution is to bring it in to an automotive service technician  or mechanic . These technicians troubleshoot   automobile problems. They inspect vehicles like a detective seeking clues … and replace  old parts  with the precision of a surgeon . While they use computers to diagnose  some issues … inspecting parts and systems as they run through  a long checklist…is typical. Mechanics also have a knack for  translating car jargon for car owners who need advice  on repair decisions. 

2) Service technicians work with a variety of tools  and grease-covered auto parts… sometimes in uncomfortable positions. Standing all day, lifting  heavy objects… work for mechanics is physically demanding ; they must take steps to  prevent  injuries . Mechanics work in car dealerships auto repair shops , or may opt for self-employment. It is common for them to work on weekends, holidays, and to put in overtime . Employers prefer to hire technicians who have completed a vocational  or post-secondary education program in automotive service technology, and they may also want you to earn industry certification later. It’s just the first step to a career where you can let your passion… drive  you.

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