Technicien en génie industriel

1) How can a process  run  more efficiently ? How can a group of workers improve productivity ? These are questions that an industrial engineering technician  asks in order to help employees, systems, and machines operate more effectively. These technicians are skilled observers and critical thinkers . They evaluate the performance of other people or organizations and identify potential improvements  or changes . They may study the time and steps  workers take to do a task  and use that information to establish production or service goals . Industrial engineering technicians also observe how equipment is used and maintained , looking for ways to  reduce expenses  or improve quality 

2) They apply their skills  across all the stages of industrial processes to help businesses  minimize inventory costs , increase customer satisfaction , and control project expenses  Most industrial engineering technicians work in factories stores healthcare organizations repair shops , and offices . They typically work on site at locations where products are made  and services are delivered . Most work full-time schedules , on teams  supervised by industrial engineers. Industrial engineering technicians typically need an associate’s degree or certificate in the field. Community colleges or technical institutes typically offer associate’s degree programs, and vocational–technical schools  offer certificate programs. Knowledge of computer-aided design software  —or computer skills  that will help you learn it— is very useful.

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