Harrods Case study - Language Quiz

1) The collocations (word combinations) below are all taken from the article.  Write in the missing words.  

N.B  When you type in the word, make sure you type the full word.  Example: For "1)  U______ reputation" type 'UNIQUE', not 'NIQUE'


  1. U reputation
  2. K brand values
  3. Em 5,000 people
  4. Deal customers
  5. F challenges
  6. a r career
  7. low employee tur
  8. keep costs d
  9. experienced workf
  10. management str
  11. good p /salary
  12. good working env
  13. good work-life b
  14. stand from its competitors
  15. pr opportunities
  16. graduate a degree business
  17. r a business (meaning = manage)


2) Now let's practice using some of these collocations in context.  Write in the missing words in the gaps below.  If you are with a teacher or friend, you can also discuss your answers to the questions


  1. What do you think are Harrods' brand values?
  2. The article says Harrods opportunities for its staff to develop.  What do you think this involves?
  3. Do you agree that Harrods stands from its competitors?
  4. What do you think a good work env means in reality?  Does your company have this?
  5. Do you think you have a good work-life b ?  Why/why not?
  6. Did you graduate from university a degree something?

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