Escribe las siguientes oraciones en estilo indirecto:



1. They will try to help her", John said


John said (that) they to help .


2. "You must get her fingerprints", the police said.


The police said that I her fingerprints.


3. "George doesn't know anything", Alice said.


Alice said that George anything.


4. "I'm calling the witness", our lawyer said.


Our lawyer said that he the witness.


5. "I can't open this door", Harry said. 


Harry said (that) he this door.


6. "I don't want you to stay here tonight", my mum said. 


My mum said (that) she me to stay there


7. "We must wear masks to the party",my friend said.


My friend said that they masks to the party.


8. "What did you feel?", George asked.


George asked I had


9. "Where did it happen?", Mary asked.


Mary asked it happened.


10. Do you agree with Paul, Mary? Lisa asked.


Lisa asked Mary she with Paul. 


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