Choose the correct answer:



1. What (do) at 7 yesterday morning?


2. Lisa (study) English everyday.


3. What time (call) yesterday?


4. Because it's my first week at this highschool, I (not learn) all my classmates' names yet.


5. By 2050, books (disappear) from the classroom.


6. If you disobey (disobey) your parents, they punish you.


7. Asking for help is not a sign of (weak).


8. She (live) in this neighbourhood since she was 3.


9. She (go) to lessons 3 times a week.


10. the rain we decided to play volleyball in the park.


11. we were tired, we went to the lectures.


12. the size of the demonstration, there were many policemen.


13. After walking from hours, we a small village.


14. The opposite of natural is .


15. The teacher told us not to use our phones while we (do)the exam.



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