Ejercicio 11 - Voz pasiva



 Pasar a pasiva as siguientes oraciones.



1. George didn't pay the bill. 


The bill (by George).


2. My parents have sold their old car .


Their old car (by my parents).


3. They will send us the invitation.


a. We the invitation.


b. The invitation (by us)


4. My brother was sweeping the floor.


The floor (by my brother).


5. Did you throw the batteries with all the rubbish?.


the batteries with all the rubbish?


6. They are speaking French.


French (by them).

7. Sarah didn't shut the door yesterday.


The door yesterday (by Sarah).

8. She borrowed a book from the library.


A book from the library (by her).


9. Did Robert win the race?.


the race (by Robert)?


10. Lewis is riding your bike.


Your bike  (by Lewis).


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