1. Completa las siguientes oraciones utilizando el comparativo de superioridad:



a. Orange juice is (healthy) than fizzy drinks.


b. A spider is (dangerous) than a fly.


c. An elephant is (big) than a mouse.


d. Grandparents are (old) than parents.


e. A plain is (fast) than a plane.



2. Completa con el verbo modal adecuado. Utiliza can, could, must o mustn't:



a. You eat with your fingers. It's not polite. 


b. you go to Alice's house during the storm yesterday?


c. Steve speak five languages. 


d. If you want to be the best students, you study hard.



3. Completa las siguientes oraciones con presente simple, presente continuo, pasado simple o pasado continuo:



a. When I phoned her she (study) for tomorrow's exam.


b. She (not go / usually) to school. 


c. What (you / do) yesterday?


d. I (play) tennis this afternoon.



4. Vocabulario. Traduce los siguientes verbos al inglés:


1. Sobrevivir -

2. Crear -

3. Dejar caer -

4. Romper -

5. Hacer daño -

6. Pagar -

7. Oir -

8. Quedarse -  



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