Soldiers Cry by Roland Majeau

Watch the video as many times as you need to and fill in the missing words 


Choose the correct word 

Talk of trouble is through the country
And wean army
To for the right
Young menand are sent to the battle
To fight the offender and help our


Fill in the missing word 

And the young men cry Oh
We'll go and fight for thee
And the young cry Oh Canada
We'll fight to keep you

Choose the correct word 

The raging
Gunis blazing
A tired young soldierto life
He's ordered off
And by advancing
No hope of returning from thefire

Fill in the missing words  

And the soldier Oh Canada
If it be so, I'll die for thee
And the cries Oh Canada
Ill die to keep you

And we all oh Canada
The land where we all be
And we all for Canada
The true north
and free

And the soldier Oh Canada
If it must be so, I'll for thee
And the  cries Oh Canada
Ill die to you free


Choose the correct word 

Far away we had seen a great
And yet there's a danger much within
The noise we make as we constantly
Would hush not a if we listen to him

Fill in the correct words 

All the cry Oh Canada
Is that why we have for thee?
And the cry Oh Canada
We died to keep you

And the soldier cries oh
Be true
For me





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