Christmas Wrapped in Red Kelly Clarkson

 created by Michelle Morissette 





  1. Before you listen, read each line OUT LOUD and try to fill in the blanks with the correct word. 
  2. Use common sense and your knowledge of sentence structure. For example, what kind of word is missing, a noun, verb, adjective etc.?
  3. Pay attention to the words and think about words that naturally go together - expressions you already know, or have heard. 
  4. Trust yourself. You know more than you think - especially if you read the sentences OUT LOUD




Watch and listen as many times as you need to. Then fill in the missing verbs. (many tenses)  Check to see if your guesses in part 1 were correct. 


Everybody's happy

Snow down
Prayers are being
Miracles all around


From afar I' you
But never let it
And every year another
December and goes


Never reaching

But this Christmas
I'm it all
This Christmas
I'm not afraid to


So I'm at your door with nothing more
Than words I'v
In all this white, you' me like
You' me yeah
Wrapped in red (ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)


Blue is where I'
Green can't buy me you
Silver bells me
That mistletoe's for two


So I a color
That only the truth
That a picture
Of how I for you


This Christmas
I'm it all
This Christmas
I' not afraid to fall


So at your door with nothing more
Than words I'
In all this white, me like
You've never seen me yeah
in red (ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)




  1.  What verb tenses are used in  the song. List each one with examples.
  2.  Discuss each verb and the reasons the writer uses that particular verb tense.
  3.  Is the word "wrapped" in the last sentence a verb, an adjective or a past participle? 
  4. Find a passive verb in the song
  5.  Why does the writer use "gonna" instead of going to?
  6.  Why does the writer use so many contractions. Practice saying the full version  and the contracted version. 





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