Merry Christmas Charlie Brown

1) Charlie Brown thinks __________

a.he doesn't like Christmas
b.something is wrong with him
c.he feels strange
d.he is sick

2) Linus tells Charlie Brown he is the only person who_______ miserable at Christmas
b.can enjoy Christmas
c.hates Christmas
d.turn Christmas into a problem

3) Charlie Brown gets _______ Christmas card(s)

4) When Lucy makes fun of Linus' sblanket he tells her, he will _____________ when he grows up.

a.sell it
b.give it a baby
c.get rid of it
d.turn it into a coat

5) Lucy tells Charlie Brown he must pay her ______for advice.

a.a dollar
b.five dollars
c.five cents
d.fifty cents

6) Lucy tells charlie Brown he needs to ___________ what he is afraid of before he can get better. 

a.ask someone
b.figure out
d.tell someone

7) Charlie Brown is afraid of everything. 

c.No Information

8) Charlie Brown tells Lucy he feels ____________ instead of happy about Christmas.

a.let off
b.led to town
c.upside down
d.let down

9) Lucy tells Charlie brown he needs to ___________ Christmas.

a.get more involved
b.learn more about to people about
d.get more information about

10) Lucy always gets depressed at Christmas because _____ 

a.she only gets a bicycle
b.she always gets clothes
c.she never gets what she wants
d.she always gets toys

11) Snoopy is planning to have a __________

a.a commercial concert
b.a meaning of Christmas contest
c.Christmas concert
d.a light display contest

12) Charlie Brown is upset with his his sister because ______

a.she wants too much for Christmas
b.she asks Santa for money
c.she wants him to write a letter to Santa
d.she doesn't include him in her list

13) When Charlie Brown starts directing the Christmas play, _____ one pays attention
b.everyone listens to him
c.everyone cheers
d.Snoopy falls asleep

14) In the play, Snoopy will play ______

a.a donkey aninal
c.a dog
d.all the animals

15) Lucy tells Linus, he has to ___________ 

a.remember the play
b.memorize his lines in the play
d.listen to her

16) When Lucy shows her fist, Linus says Christmas is getting ___________


17) When he finds out that Sally is going to be his wife in the play, Linus says _______

a.good great!
b.good for me
c.good grief!
d.good gift

18) Lucy is angry at Charlie Brown because he ______

a.didn't want a Christmas queen
b.didn't say she was beautiful
c.didn't see her
d.didn't put her in the play

19) Charlie Brown does not want the play to be _______

a.too long
b.too boring

20) Lucy wants a(n) ______________

a.aluminum Christmas tree
b.natural Christmas tree
c.expensive Christmas tree Christmas tree

21) Charlie Brown wants the sad little Christmas tree because ______'s perfect for the play's green looks real needs him

22) Linus thinks the sad little Christmas tree _______

a.isn't modern enough
b.isn't pretty perfect beautiful

23) Schroeder wants to use _______________ music for the play.


24) Lucy doesn't think he is good enough because  ________

a.she likes Mozart better
b.his music is boring
c.she doesn't know his music
d.his picture is not on bubble gum cards

25) When Lucy sees Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, she says he is_____


26) When the kids reject Charlie Brown's tree, he says ________

a.what's wrong with me
b.nobody likes me
c.this play is ridiculous
d.everything I do is a disaster

27) Charlie says he  knows what  Christmas is about. 

a.No Information

28) Linus tells Charlie Brown Christmas is about 

a.angels flying around in the sky
b.peace on earth
c.the birth of a saviour old story from a long time ago

29) When Charlie thinks his tree is dead, Linus says it just ______


a.needs a little love
b.needs a good hug
c.needs decorations
d.needs water

30) When Charlie Brown comes back, the kids _______ 

a.say they like his Christmas tree
b.tell him they like him
c.have found a new tree
d.have decorated the tree


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