A Mother's Day Scanning Activity

Why We Celebrate Mother



1.   How many countries in the world celebrate Mother's Day?  


2.   What American woman founded Mother's Day?  


3.   When did the U.. fist declare Mother's Day?    


4.   Who  were the first people in history to celebrate Mother's Day


5.   Who were they honouring    


3.   How many mothers are there in the world?


4.   What % of women with children over one year old work today?


5   How many children on average did mothers have in the 1700s ?


6.  What percentage of people plan to call their mother on Mother's Day?


7.  What was the average age of first-time mothers in 1971?    


8.  What do tulips represent?


9.  How old was Rosana  Dallas Cortes when she gave birth to a baby in 1994?


10.What % of women with children under one year old worked in 1976?                         

11. How many hours do working mothers work a day?  


12. Who has had the most children in the world?


13.  How many did she have?


14. Research shows that mothers who have children later in life live


15 How many mother's day cards are usually sent for Mother's Day?


16. How many babies per second  are born around the world?


17. How much did the heaviest baby ever born weight?    



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