The Big Bang Theory: The Halloween Kiss


created by Michelle Morissette


Why did Penny come over to Leonard's apartment 

a.She liked him get away from all the people at her party
c.To find out if Leonard was OK.
d.She wasn't having fun

2) What can you infer about why Leonard looked sad?

a.He wanted to be with Penny
b.Someone at the party hurt his feelings
c.He wanted to be alone
d.He wasn't invited to the party

3) Why did Penny invited her old boyfriend to the Halloween party?

a.She still liked him
b.He was very good looking
c.He promised he had changed
d.He begged her to invite him

4) Why can't Penny go back to her apartment?

a.She doesn't want to see her old boyfriend
b.The party is too crowded
c.She's too drunk
d.She would rather stay with Leonard

5) Why did Leonard probably ask Penny if she kissed him because she was drunk and angry at her old boyfirend?

a.He was afraid she would sexually attack him
b.She was a bad kisser
c.He wanted to go out with her
d.He wanted the kiss to be a real one

6) Why did Leonard say he was a "frickin genius" when Penny toldl him he was smart?

a.A and C
b.He realized that if he hadn't asked her about the kiss, they would probably be kissing.
c.He was unhappy about the reason she kissed him
d.all of the above
e.He was unhappy about asking her why she kissed him

What does Leonard say when Penny asks him why all guys couldn't be like him?

a.Because if they were, humans would never die out
b.Because if they were, the human race couldn't stand it.
c.Because if they were, everyone in the world would be perfect.
d.Because if they were, the human race wouldn't survive

8) Why does Leonard say what he said above?

a.He thinks he's perfect
b.He feels sorry for Penny
c.If he hadn't been a gentleman, he and Penny might have gone further
d.He's sorry he stopped kissing Penny

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