Big Bang Theory Halloween Style


created by Michelle Morissette\


Are the boys wearing Halloween costumes when they walk in the door?

c.Not Enough Information

2) Why did Sheldon want to have a costume meeting? 

a.He didn't like his friends' "Flash" costumes
b.He wanted to tell the others what to wear
c.He wanted to have the best costume in the group
d.He didn't want them all to wear the same costume

3) Complete  Raj's sentence

"Or we could walk behind one another all night and ____________

a.seem like we're all going really fast
b.look like one person going really fast
c.look like one person walking fast
d.look like one another going fast

4) Why does Howard say, "This Flash runs solo"

a.because he wants to go alone
b.because it's Halloween
c.because it's a boy girl party
d.because he thinks he should be "The Flash"

5) In the end, _________________ goes to the Hallooween party as "The Flash"

a.3 characters characters
c.2 characters
d.1 character

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