The Best Job in the World


1) The collocations (word combinations) below are all taken from the article.  Write in the missing words.  

N.B  When you type in the word, make sure you type the full word.  Example: For "1)  f______ qualifications" type 'FORMAL', not 'ORMAL'


  1. f  qualifications 
  2. successful a  
  3. r  a salary 
  4. It is a  job
  5. The new r  will work for just 12 hours a month
  6. Duties  feeding some of the hundreds of species of fish
  7. Candidates have to s  an online video application.
  8. s  candidates will be invited to the islands for a four-day final interview pr .
  9. The successful c will start the new job on 1 July.


2) Now let's practice using some of these collocations in context.  Write in the missing words in the gaps below.  If you are with a teacher or friend, you can also discuss your answers to the questions


 1.  What are the requirements for a successful

      Do you need any qualifications?

      Can you apply? 


 2.  What kind of salary does a new                                                   


      Is this enough?


 3.  What duties does the job

      What do you think about this?


 4.  How do you an application?


 5.  What is the   process?

      Does this seem appropriate?


 6.  How do you think the management decide the  shortlisted

      Is this fair?


 7.  What's your  job?





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