Fall of the Berlin Wall


quiz created by Michelle Morissette



When did the Berlin Wall fall?


a.October 9th, 1989
b.November 9th, 1989
c.Sept 19th, 1989
d.August 9th, 1989

2) Where is the Brandenburg Gate located?

a.in the western pqart of East Berlin
b.on the border between Germany and Russia
c.on the west side of West Berlin
d.in the centre of Berlin on both sides of the border

3) The word "straddling" probably mean?

a.something on two sides of a river, road, border oujn tong on
b.something sitting on the fence
c.including several things at the same time
d.sitting on a horse sideways

4) How did the guards react when the first Beerliners climbed the wall?

a.They started shooting them
b.They allowed them to climb up.
c.They tried to stop them with big sticks
d.They tried to stop them with fire hoses

5) What did guards do to people who tried to climb the fence in the past?

a.They sent them back
b.They shot them
c.They beat them
d.They arrested them

6) How did East and West Berliners celebrate  the opening of the border between the east and the west?


more than one answer is correct

a.They shouted insults at the guards
b.They sang, cried and hugged friends and relatives they hadn't seen in years
c.They argued with authorities
d.They started to cut chunks out of the wall
e.They climbed up on the wall
f.They joined hands and danced around the open part of the wall

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