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Conjugating and using «sein» : the verb to be



Ich bin ein Seeräuber. - I am a pirate. (literally: sea robber)

Bist du ein Pirat? - Are you a pirate?

Er ist ein Pirat. - He is a pirate.


The verb "to be" allows you to construct sentences like "I am tired", "He is an idiot" or "They are close friends". It is an essential building block in every language.


This quiz will help you to learn and remember the conjugation of sein (to be) in German.


Don't forget that you can click "I give up - show me the answers" at the bottom of the quiz any time you wish. That's not cheating, but rather a great learning strategy. Use it to study the answers, then run the quiz again to see if you can complete it correctly.


CONJUGATION: sein - to be




1st person

ich  - I am

 sind - we are

2nd person

du  - you are

Use this conjugation to address one familiar person.

ihr seid - you are

Use this conjugation when addressing two or more familiar people.

3rd person

er/sie/es  - he/she/it is

sie  - they are











CONJUGATION: sein - to be




1st person

ich bin - I am

wir sind - we are

2nd person

du bist - you are

ihr seid - you are

(speaking to two or more familiars)

3rd person

er/sie/es ist - he/she/it is

sie sind - they are

















With the help of the conjugation table above, select the correct word for the sentences below. Sometimes you will need to select the correct verb, sometimes the correct pronoun. In the process, you will encounter some adjectives and other words that you'll find useful as you learn German.


a Ich sehr müde. - I am very tired.

b Warum du traurig? - Why are you sad? (to one person)

c Warum seid traurig? - Why are you sad? (to two or more familiar people)

d Sie meine Freunde. - They are my friends.

e Sie meine Freundin. - She is my friend (or girlfriend).

f sind in der siebten Klasse. - We are in Year 7. 

g Meine Eltern manchmal zu streng. - My parents are sometimes too strict.

h ist sehr gut in Mathe. - He is very good at Maths.

i sind enge Freunde. - They are close friends.

j Er ein Idiot. - He is an idiot.

Sie ist in der siebten Klasse. - She is in Year 7.

Sie ist gut in Mathe. - She is good at Maths.

Ihre Freundinnen sind lustig. - Her friends are amusing.


3) Can you remember the verb «to be»? See if you can type the missing words below:

CONJUGATION: sein - to be




1st person

ich - I am

wir - we are

2nd person

du - you are

ihr seid - you are

3rd person

er/sie/es - he/she/it is

sie - they are



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