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Conjugating and using «haben» : the verb to have

Question 1 of 3

Ich habe einen Bleistift.


CONJUGATION: «haben» - to have




1st person

ich habe - I have

wir haben - we have

2nd person

du hast - you have

(speaking to one familiar person)

ihr habt - you have

(speaking to two or more familiars)

3rd person

er/sie/es hat - he/she/it has

sie haben - they have



















With the help of the conjugation table above, select the correct verb conjugation for the sentences below.


a Ich  zwei Haustiere. - I have two pets.

b  du eine Katze? - Do you have a cat? (to one person)

c Mein Bruder  viele Freunde. - My brother has many friends.

d Meine Freunde und ich  viele Hausaufgaben. - My friends and I have lots of homework.

e  ihr ein Problem? - Do you have a problem? (to two or more familiars)

f Sie  am zwölften Mai Geburtstag. - She has her birthday on 12 May.

g Meine Eltern  ein neues Auto. - My parents have a new car.

h  du einen Bleistift? - Do you have a pencil?



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