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Piaget in Words and Stages

Question 1 of 2

Which Piagetian stage or concept is evident in each scenario below?



The child is not able to see from another's point of view, either psychologically or physically. This is called and is characteristic of the  stage.


The child is able to plan a series of coordinated movements in order to get what he wants. This is called and first appears in the  stage.

Children first become capable of logically dealing with the concepts of time, number and space in the  stage. 





Children or teenagers who are able to solve the pendulum problem by isolating variables show the kind of and thinking that is characteristic of the  stage.


Children who display the ability to complete these three tasks are able to conserve (a) , (b) and (c) . This suggests that they can mentally rewind a process, which is called , and also take into account more than one aspect of a problem in order to solve it. This is called . These skills, according to Piaget, are characteristic of the  stage.





Children or teenagers who can mentally simulate a range of complex future possibilities in a speculative situation are displaying the capacity of thought, which is characteristic of the stage.



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