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Perceptual Set - Visual and Taste Perception - Synaesthesia

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This upside down map of the world is likely to make the task of finding countries harder, since long experience has led most people to anticipate viewing the world "right way up". While this enhances our ability to read and interpret a map on most occasions, an upside down map interferes with our expectancies and renders our perception less effortless and automatic.


Perceptual Set

Which answers below refer to the concept of perceptual set? (tick 3)


a.A tendency to notice some aspects of the available sense data and ignore others
b.A perceptual bias, predisposition or readiness to perceive particular features of a stimulus
c.the reception, transduction and transmission of sensory information
d.the inability to perceive something correctly because of deceptive depth cues
e.A readiness to perceive stimuli in a specific way


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