Adjectival Clauses/Complex Sentences- Anna Michelle Chapman

Drag the boxes onto the matching gaps.
  • as though
  • unless
  • to
  • as much as
  • where
  • as
  • after
  • anywhere
  • Despite
  • until
  • as long as
  • Everywhere
  • If
  • Given that
  • as
  • than
  • as
  • so that
  • even though
  • Wherever
  • because
  • that
  • more
  • that
  • as
  • Before
  • so
  • such
  • as



Complex sentences contain an independent clause (one that can be a sentence by itself) and a dependent clause (one that needs to be linked to an independent clause in order for the sentence to make sense.)



'Even though Jas has lots of friends, she still wishes that Kaiya lived nearby.'


'She still wishes that Kaiya lived in the same city.' This is an independent clause because it makes sense by itself.


'Even though Jas has lots of friends' doesn't make sense without the independent clause (above) because the phrase 'Even though' tells us that more information is needed. Therefore, it is a dependent clause.


One way to create a complex sentence is to use key words or phrases to link an adjectival dependent clause to an independent clause.


The following cloze quiz contains sentences that use different types of adjectival clause.


To complete these sentences, insert the missing key words/phrases by clicking on and dragging the boxes onto the matching gaps.




Adverbial Clauses of Time:

* She must have arrived we'd already left.

* You'll have to wait I get paid.

*  you leave the house, please will you check that you have locked the door and switched off any gas or electrical appliances?


Adverbial Clauses of Comparison:


* Joseph is now tall his dad is.

* For me, GCSE Food Technology was a useful option Graphic Design.

* Layla now enjoys eating fruit she likes eating chocolate.



Adverbial Clauses of Place:

* I go, I keep hearing that song.

* I've ever lived, I've been befriended by the local cats.

* Naz couldn't remember she had seen the man before.

* I'm happy to go you'd like to go.


Adverbial Clauses of Condition

* Jack won't go Tahir is also invited. 

* I'm happy with this you're happy.

* Nadia likes 'Evanescene's music, she'll probably also like 'Nightwish'.


Adverbial Clauses of Reason:

* Jade hates violent movies, it's safe to assume that she won't enjoy watching 'Scream.'

* Adam wants to become a vetenary nurse he loves animals.

* Rebecca won't be attending today she still feels unwell.


Adverbial Clauses of Result:

* The maths test was difficult even Jess didn't find it easy.

* I had a good time there I really didn't want to leave.


Adverbial Clauses of Manner:

* Alice looked she was having a great time at the concert.

* Tom got there fast he possibly could.


Adverbial Clauses of Purpose: 


* Samir did lots of overtime at work he could buy himself a car.

* Lucy adopted a rescue dog keep her company in her new house.


Adverbial Clauses of Concession:

*  her strong ability in maths, it wasn't Farah's favourite academic subject.

* Waseem enjoyed the 'Harry Potter' films, he preferred the book series.





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