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R is for Resolution - Words and Definitions




a : This word is used for a joke or play on words based on the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that words can sound alike but have different meanings. For instance, “A bicycle cannot stand on its own because it is two-tyred.”

b : How a person who is more interested in the inner world of thoughts and feelings than the outer, external world is often described

c : To try very hard or make an effort to achieve something

d : A person’s nature or characteristic way of reacting to the world

e : To carry out a role or expectation as required or expected; to realise or achieve something

f : Sadly and pitifully

g : Sharp and forthright

h : A firm decision to do or not do something, often made at the start of a new year

i : Summoning someone OR appearing appealing or inviting

j : Close examination and reading



 Same Words with Pictures

resolution • fulfilled • dismally • perusal

temperament • exerted herself



She appears to have an angry .



The boy is closely examining the book that his father gave him for his .



The student made a firm to overcome her anxiety about maths tests.


After years of work, the young couple their dream of building their own house.



She  so much during the year that she received an A+ for her favourite subject.



The young boy thought that going to school would be rather dull after a summer of backyard cricket and swimming at the beach.


Same Words in Sentences


acerbic • resolution • dismally • introverted

temperament • fulfil • to exert yourself

perusal • beckoning • pun



a This year I have made a firm to be optimistic.

b The team performed and the supporters went home in despair.

c It was the end of the school term and the school holidays were .

d The young woman decided to stay home rather than go to the party, because she preferred to read her new book.

e You have in order to write well.

f The young man had an excitable .

g My mother made an remark when she read my dreadful report.

h I was unable to my resolution to become fitter, because I was injured during the first netball match of the year.

i He continued his of the instructions for his new computer.

j This picture shows a classic :


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