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Statement or Question



“Hey, Miss, I just slept through everything you said.”



“Would you mind explaining that point in more detail?



“I’ve read through your handout and I would just like to clarify one point with you.”




“Could you just explain the meaning of this word?"


“I’ve underlined the sentences that I’ve written that I believe I could express better. Could you please give me some feedback?” 

(This was Rose's question. It was without exception the most effective way of requesting help that I had ever heard.)


“Could you please illustrate what you mean with an example?”


“I just don’t get it.”


“Would you mind explaining the task requirements once more?"


“I don’t understand this topic at all.”


“I find this topic quite abstract and complex. Could you please give us a concrete example?”


“You can’t explain anything. How did you get to be a teacher?”


“Can you express what you have just said in different words?”


“Could you please provide a step-by-step example of what you would like us to do?”





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