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First 50 German Nouns - Gender Quiz


Learning German Noun Genders
As you learn German nouns, you should try to memorise their genders as well. Knowing the genders is fundamental to speaking and writing correct German. It is difficult to construct a single correct sentence in German if you do not know the genders of the nouns you are using.

In this quiz, you can click on the "I give up, show me the answers" button in order to study the genders before tackling each set of nouns.

Some Patterns in this Quiz

All words ending in -chen 
are neuter (das) words. An important example in this quiz is das Mädchen.

• Most nouns in German that end in -e are
 feminine. In this quiz, there are two important exceptions to this rule: der Junge and der Name.

• Most words relating to computers come directly from English, are pronounced as in English and have a masculine gender. In this quiz, der Computer and der Laptop are examples.

• Young creatures are usually neuter. In this quiz, das Kind is an example of this tendency.

You can also practise these nouns by working through this Tiny Card set.



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