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Second 50 German Nouns - Gender Quiz


Learning German Noun Genders

This is the second set of fifty common nouns in quiz form.

You can always click on the "I give up, show me the answers" button in order to study the genders before tackling each set of 10 nouns.

Some Patterns to Note in This Quiz:

All words ending in -schaft are feminine nouns. An important example in this quiz is die Freundschaft.

b Combined words in German have a gender that is based on the last word in the combination. One can therefore derive genders from that last word: since we say das Buch, we also say das Lehrbuch and das Arbeitsbuch. All three are neuter nouns. The same pattern of gender derivation may be observed in the words der Tag and der Geburtstag. Similarly, since the word for subject is das Fach, the words for school subject and favourite subject have the same gender: das Schulfach and das Lieblingsfach respectively.

c Most words referring to times of day are masculine. In this quiz, you will notice the following examples of this tendency: der Tag, der Morgen, der Mittag, der Vormittag, der Nachmittag and der Abend.

d All words ending in -ung are without exception feminine. In this quiz, there are three examples of this helpful rule: die Lösung, die Endung and die Pluralbildung.

This set of Tiny Cards contains all the nouns in this quiz. You can work through them steadily and revisit them until the words and their genders have all found a place in your long-term memory.



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