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Fourth Set of 50 German Nouns - Gender Quiz


German Nouns and Genders: 151-200

This is the fourth set of fifty common nouns in quiz form. Plural forms are provided in brackets after each noun.

You can always click on the "I give up, show me the answers" button in order to study the genders before tackling each set of 10 nouns.

Some Patterns to Note in This Quiz:

 All sports with "...ball" in their name are naturally masculine: e.g. Fußball, Basketball, Korball.

b Once you tack either "...spiel" or "...training" onto the end of one of these sports, however, the noun becomes neuter: das Fußballspiel (football game), das Fußballtraining (football training)

c ALL words ending in -ion in German are feminine and make their plural with -en. In this quiz, an example of this is die Präsentation (presentation).

This set of Tiny Cards contains all the nouns in this quiz with pictures to help seal them in your memory. You can work through the cards steadily and revisit them until the words and their genders have all found a place in your long-term memory.



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