Prepositions Game: Places and Directions

1) This is the easier group of questions.

2) Drag the boxes onto the matching gaps.

  • behind
  • to
  • on
  • in
  • over
  • under



The child hid a tree.  


The boat sailed the bridge.  


The donkey carried the little boy his back.


 The rabbit hid the box.  


The athlete jumped the hurdle.  


In 1969, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin travelled the moon.                                                                                                       


3) This is the harder group of questions.

4) Drag the boxes onto the matching gaps.

  • past
  • through
  • towards
  • near
  • into
  • next to



The man and his dog walked the music shop, but didn't go inside.   


The train travelled a tunnel.



 The swimmer dived the pool.




She looked up to see her puppy running her.   


 The cat and dog slept each other, the fire.   








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