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Directions to Places in the City 2 - CLB3

1) Drag the boxes onto the matching gaps.

  • Colliseum
  • right
  • north
  • street

Person 1: Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the Colliseum LRT station?
Person 2: Sure. Go on 82nd . Turn on 118Ave and catch bus number 5 or 8. Get off at the LRT station.

2) Person 1: Excuse me. How can I drive to the McDonald’s in Oliver Square?
Person 2: , drive north on Street. Then, turn left on 103rd Avenue you 116th Street. right, then turn left 104th Avenue and you are there.

Person 1: How do I get to the Chateau Lacombe Hotel from the Remedy Café?

Person 2: east down Avenue until 101 Street. Head until you reach McDonald Drive. the street and enter the hotel.

4) Drag the boxes onto the matching gaps.

  • take
  • a block
  • Walk
  • station
  • south
  • and

Person 1: How do I get to the Red Arrow bus station?
Person 2: down 103 Street your first right. Turn south onto 104 Street and walk half down the road. The Red Arrow bus will be on the right.


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