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Photocopying a Document - CLB3

1) [press, login, code, bar, access]

How do I ?
First, press the button. Second, the ID and type in your four digit . Press OK then press login.

2) How do I make a double sided copy with a 3 hole punch?

[three, document, hole, first, duplex, copy, start]

, login and select . Second, put the paper into the feeder. Next, select , from 1 to 2 sided. Next, select tray number on the screen and three- punch for the finishing. Last, type the number of copies and press to print. 

3) [corner, clear, finishing, Sets, select]

First, login and copy. Next, select and choose staple. Then press No. of and type 15 copies. Press C to if you make a mistake. Press start to print. 

4) [sided, staple, tray, logging, copies, sided]

After in, and selecting copy, press paper and choose two. Then, press duplex and select 2 to 1 . Select finishing and select corner . Just make four .


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