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Apologies - Sorry for being late, Sorry that I'm late - CLB3

1) Write the verb in the gerund (verb-ing) for each apology.
Example: Brett is sorry for (play) PLAYING his music loudly at night.

1. George is sorry for (eat) your birthday cake.

2. Chantal has apologized for not (come) to the wedding.
3. I am so sorry. I would like to apologize for (run) in the hospital.
4. She is sorry for (be late) .
5. We apologize for (be angry) at each other.
6. I hope you are sorry for (steal) that car.

2) Write the subject and verb in the past after "that" for each apology.
Example: Brett is sorry that (he/play) HE PLAYED his music loudly last night.

1. Jenette is sorry that (she/eat) all of your pizza yesterday.

2. Michael and Brad are sorry that (they/steal) that new car.
3. My boss is sorry that (he/not/give) me a raise last year.
4. Our mother is sorry that (she/be/late) for the wedding last month.
5. He is sorry that (he/break) your chair.
6. I am sorry that (I/forget) your name.


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