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Meeting Co-workers for the First Time - CLB3

Use the following words to complete the dialog.
(meet, department, bakery, hired, how, convenient, back, day)

Jason: Hi, I’m Jason.

[Offer your hand to shake.]
Terry: Nice to you. I’m Terry.
[Shake hands.]
Jason: Nice to meet you, too. What do you work in?
Terry: I work in the . And you?
Jason: I work in the meat department. I just got .
Terry: Oh, great. do you like it so far?
Jason: It’s pretty . It is only 5 minutes away from my home and everyone is friendly.
Terry: Welcome to the Walmart staff.
Jason: Thank you. Well, I have to get work.
Terry: Alright. Have a good .
Jason: Have a good one.


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