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What Is Phishing 2 - CLB3

1) Use the words below to fill in the empty spaces.
[real, fortune, steal, email, hacker, account, deposit] 

Internet Scam 1

You receive an from a rich prince and he wants to share his with you. He will money directly into your bank after you give him your bank account information. Is this email or fake? It's fake and the prince is actually a . He only wants to your information.

2) Use the words below to fill in the empty spaces.
[click, contact, bank, password, receive, fake, address]

Internet Scam 2
You an email from your and it reads, "Your bank account has been compromised. Please reset your ." Do not on the link or reset your password. Instead, open a new window and type in your bank's web . Find your bank's information and talk to someone from the bank. The bank will tell you that the email was .


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