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Budgeting 1 - CLB3

1) [accurate, rules, budget, honesty, success, expenditures, up to date]

When you sit down to draw up a and over the months as you record new entries, keep in mind three or requirements necessary to the of your budget:

1. Regularity. Be systematic in keeping track of daily and bringing your budget record .

2. Accuracy. While it isn't necessary to account for every cent of income and expenditures, you should be reasonably in recording amounts.

3.  You will only defeat the purpose if you record lower amounts than you have actually spent.

2) [including, budget items, transportation, rent]


Consider the following items in your budget:

  • Personal Goals
  • Income
  • Expenses, such as:
  1. or mortgage payment
  2. Utilities
  3. Food and household goods
  4. Clothing



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