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Describing Symptoms to the Doctor 2 - CLB3

Fill the empty spaces with the missing words.
[start, aches, days off, heavy, feeling, muscle, shart, at FedEx]

Doctor:   How are you today, Titus?

Patient:   Not well. My back whenever I move.
Doctor:   Please, tell me what happened.
Patient:   Well, at work, I lift a lot of boxes. We deliver them to various businesses.
Doctor:   Where do you work, Titus?
Patient:   I work .
Doctor:   So when did the pain ?
Patient:   Well, I lifted one box and I didn't bend my knees. I felt a pain go through my body.
Doctor:   You may have pulled a in your back. Take some painkillers and take at least three of work.
Patient:   Thank you, Doctor. I will.


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