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Impaired Driving - CLB3

Use the words below to complete the paragraphs.
[better, laws, slowing, Canada, caught, Alcohol, impairment]

Alcohol abuse is the most common type of drug problem in and North America. Alcohol continues to be a leading cause of traffic deaths in Alberta. 

Since use and abuse is so common it is important that all drivers understand the danger of drinking and driving and the and penalties involved.

The Fantasy and the Facts

"I won't get , it can't happen to me."

Approximately 17,000 people are caught yearly in Alberta for alcohol-related driving offences.

"I drive better after a few drinks."

Not true. You may think you are driving but this is one of the ways alcohol causes driving problems. It affects the person's judgement and leaves them with a false sense of confidence while actually down their thinking and physical responses. No one drives better drunk!


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