Meeting Arrangements with a Financial Advisor - CLB3

1) = the way people or things are organized for an activity
= to call or to write to someone, to communicate with someone
= a person who helps you plan how save and invest money
to say or write something as an answer to a question or request 

2) Hello Erick,

Thank you for me. I am Judy Robertson, a advisor at BMO at the Northgate branch. In the letter you sent me, you wrote that you want to open a .  I have set up a meeting with you on Monday at at the Northgate branch. Please confirm that this is a good time for you to meet by to this email.

I look forward to meeting with you and you achieve your goals.


Financial Advisor
BMO Bank – Northgate Branch
Edmonton, Alberta

3) Who is Judy Robertson?

a.The receiver or the email.
b.The sender of the email.

4) On which day will the meeting be?


5) What does Erick need to do?

a.He doesn't need to do anything.
b.confirm the meeting time by phone
c.confirm the meeting time by email


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