Create online cloze / maze passage tests for reading comprehension

With you can create cloze tests (where a student has to fill in the blanks) or maze tests where students need to pick the correct word out of two or more distractors.

For cloze tests, you take any text and paste it into the textbox. Then select a word for which you want to create a gap and click on “Make Gap”.

Turns into:

For maze tests, you can create dropdowns that contain all the words a student can select from. The “Make Dropdown” button can be found when selecting the “Blank Boxes & Dropdowns” question type (same as above for a cloze test). First you select the correct word(s) with the mouse and the click on “Make Dropdown” where you can fill out additional items you would like to appear in your list.

This will highlight it as a dropdown item in the editor:

This is how it will look like:

With you can record the answers and then quickly compare the results.

Learn more about other powerful features by watching a demo video: