Version 2 for Classroom Quizzes

We’ve been working on version 2 of the quizzes for a long time now. Most of the changes are in the background. Essentially the whole code was rewritten for the actual display of the quizzes (not yet for the rest of the website). The new cleaner code will make it easier to add new features.
But while rewriting the code, I made some improvements also. The main noticeable improvements are that all the cloze boxes are now the same size and expand when one starts to type or drags a box into them.

For the quizzes that are assigned to a class, e.g. the students are required to login, the biggest improvement is, that the answers get saved immediately as soon as one clicks out of the text box. So should one for instance lose connection, the already inserted answers will still be there when one logs back in. We had something in place like that previously with ‘auto save’, but it didn’t work as well.

Recording how long a student spent doing a quiz works now a lot better also. So if you set a timer and the student logs back in, the timer will continue where it left off.

Learn more about the advantages of assigning your quiz to a class for recording answers: Create Classes and Usernames One of the benefits is that you can release the results after the students submitted the answers, so that they can view them by themselves.

While quizzes now not only look better, but also should work better, I appreciate if you could test if everything works the same for you as before. Learnclick quizzes have many settings and although I tested everything thoroughly it’s entirely possible that I forgot about something.

Remember to leave feedback if you decide not to use version 2 so that if an issue comes up, it can be resolved quickly. Please help with testing before the summer vacation is over so that any bugs can be fixed before the new term starts.

On August 8th, all quizzes have been migrated to use version 2.