Custom CSS

Under the business settings there is a textfield named "Custom CSS". This gives you lot of power for styling your quizzes.
CSS is a language for styling HTML. Here are some common things you might want to do:

Change the font using Google Fonts

  • Go to Google Fonts and find a font.
  • Click on the link "+ Select this Style". Make sure you select the @import option.
  • Paste it without the "<style>" tags into the textbox.
  • If you want the whole quiz (including buttons) to use the font,
    then paste the font-family between the "body" section (surrounded by curly brackets).

Align quiz left

By default the quiz layout is centered.
For aligning the quiz content left, do this:

For aligning the title left:

Removing title, display of border, colour settings

No need to use css, change the values under Business Settings.


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