Present Tenses: Simple, Cont., Perfect 2

Ex. 233.(254U) Open brackets using the verbs in Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous.

1. He (run) now. He (run) for ten minutes without any rest.
2. What (they do) now? — They (work) in the reading-room. They (work) there for already three hours.
3. Where (be) he now? — He (be) in the garden. He (play) vol­ley-ball with his friends. They (play) since break­fast time.
4. I (live) in St. Petersburg. I (live) in St. Petersburg since 1990.
5. She (already do) her homework for two hours; but she (not do yet half of it).
6. I (wait) for you since two o'clock.
7. What (you do)? — I (read). I (read) for already two hours. I (already read) sixty pages.
8. This man (be) a writer. He (write) books. He (write) books since he was a young man. He (already write) eight books.
9. What (you do) here since morning?
10. Lena is a very good girl. She (always help) her mother about the house. Today she (help) her mother since morning. They (already wash) the floor and (dust) the furni­ture. Now they (cook) dinner together.
11. This is the factory where my father (work). He  (work) here for fifteen years.
12. (you find) your note-book? — No! I (still look) for it. I (already look) for it for two hours, but (not find) it yet.

13. You (play) with a ball for already three hours. Go home and do your homework.
14. Wake up! You (sleep) for ten hours already.
15. I (wait) for a letter from my cousin for a month al­ready, but (not receive) it yet .
16. It is difficult for me to speak about this opera as I (not hear) it.
17. I (just receive) a letter from my granny, but I  (not receive) any letters from my par­ents yet. 

18. The weather is fine today. The sun (shine) ever since we got up.
19. Every day I (wind) up my watch at 10 o'clock in the evening.
20. Come along, Henry, what (you do) now? I (wait) for you a long time.
21. Where are your gloves ? — I (put) them into my pocket.


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