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Can I embed quizzes created with learnclick.com into my website?

Yes, you can embed an iframe, so that it looks as if it were running on your website.


First click in the column "Visible To" on the link "change".



Then you will see the iframe code for including the quiz into your website.



If you don't want the scrollbars to show, you can adjust the height and width tags in the code.


Google Sites

Using the iFrame code in Google sites won't work. Instead copy this link:



On your Google-Sites page, click on "Insert" and choose "More gadgets...".



Then click on "Add gadget by URL" and paste the link:



You will see a form with some settings that you can leave. Just click "OK" and after you save your page you will see the quiz.


Login Form

If you created a username/password for your student and you want him to login through your website, just copy the code as described above and the student will see the login form without our logo.

You can also use this iFrame code so that after the student is logged in, he will see all the quizzes you assigned to him instead of just a single quiz:



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