Statistics & Grades

Options for getting the answers recorded:


This is where you can find the recorded answers:


In the menu click on "Quizzes" and then click onto the icon in the column "Grades":



You will see how well each user did.



You can check several or all student's answers at once and do the following:
Above the answer table, there is also a button for exporting the results. They can then be imported into an Excel table.



If you click on a username in the users score list, you will see exactly what answers a user gave who took your quiz.


The number of points are calculated automatically, but can be manually adjusted. See How are points calculated?



All Grades of a student

In the menu click on "Classes", click on a class and then behind a student click onto the icon in the column "Grades". It will display the grades for each quiz the student took.


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