Version 2 – update on progress

For the past few months we’ve been busy rewriting Learnclick from scratch. Learnclick has evolved to be rather complex, so that it has become increasingly difficult to add new features without breaking anything. So we decided to do it properly this time round, making the code more maintainable. Along the way we’re also making some minor improvements, perfecting the user experience.

The main difference you will notice is that for cloze quizzes, all boxes are the same size. If you have a blank box, it will expand automatically as soon as you start writing a text longer than the size of the box. For drag&drop questions, the answer box expands when dragging a box into it. If the answer was dragged into the wrong box, you can just click on it and it will go back to the top. Update 23rd December: An additional improvement is, that now the drag&drop boxes always remain visible when scrolling.

The mobile experience has become better too. For instance, if you click on a hint, it will now always be visible and not go over the edges. Clicking on a multiple choice option is easier as you can also click on the answer text. There are lots of small improvements that you will hardly notice, but help perfect the experience of doing a quiz.

Next, we’ll start working on migrating the code for storing quiz answers for users that login with their Learnclick username.