Why I switched to Learnclick…

Online homework and quizzes are the best way to offload the tedium of marking student work that falls low on Bloom’s taxonomy of learning.

I’m a French teacher. There’s no escaping the fact that students will have to memorize vocabulary lists and practice grammar structures over and over again. Like it or not, these are the building blocks for communication. Over the years, I’ve used many online platforms to create and manage students’ online language exercises. Some of the better ones were Quizlet, ProProfs, Quia, and the Google Quizmaker (part of Google Classroom); but they each had their limitations.

Recently, I switched to Learnclick and I couldn’t be happier. This is by far the most versatile quiz-making platform out there. You can create cloze exercises, embed audio and video files, and easily keep a record of students’ results. It leaves me plenty of time to support students in the way I’m most useful: creating engaging, authentic contexts for oral and written communication.
To top it off, the developer is always very responsive in answering emails and has even implemented some of my suggestions for improvements.

Thank you Learnclick for doing the most boring part of my job!

Raphael Jenks