Why our clients use Learnclick for creating quizzes

Learnclick can be used in all kinds of scenarios, although the main usage is for language teaching.

We asked our clients to give us some feedback on how and why they use Learnclick. Here are some of the answers:

I use Learnclick primarily in an ESL classroom setting or in online materials that my students can access by themselves through our college’s Moodle platform.

Most of my quizzes are gap-fill ones with a few drag-n-drops too.

Gary L.

I have been using Learnclick for the past three years to teach Reading Comprehension to ESL and ELL students. The main focus is to help them pass an exam which is a requirement for enrollment to and graduation from undergraduate and graduate programs at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the biggest and most prestigious university in the country.

Basically, we have classroom sessions throughout the semester and I assign homework in Learnclick. I chose Learnclick as my to-go tool for two reasons: 1) it has a great set of testing options that allow me to closely simulate and monitor exam conditions; and 2) it’s been around for a while, with great reviews (I did my research and tried other services before settling down).

I’ve got to say that you have great support. When things weren’t working correctly and I contacted you, the reply was quick and honest.


I am using learnclick.com for something totally different: to collect data for my dissertation project! Participants first complete a background questionnaire on Qualtrics and then they are directed to learnclick.com to take the test I developed for them. The reason why I use learnclick.com is that it is the best online test platform for the test type I am using. My test type is C-test where second halves of each second word are deleted in a paragraph. There are not many platforms where I can embed this type of a test except for hot potatoes. However, I found hot potatoes very complicated. On the other hand, learnclick.com is very user-friendly. Also, my test is Turkish and learnclick.com allowed the participants to choose Turkish special characters when necessary while completing the gaps. Furthermore, contacting you whenever I had an issue while putting my test online was very useful.


Learnclick is also used for teaching history, science and even math. Some companies use Learnclick for testing their employees on internal procedures, etc.

Take a look at some of the quizzes some of our clients have created: https://www.learnclick.com/site/clients