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Learnclick Mobile App

This app lets you download quizzes created with learnclick.com for offline usage.



As the creator of the quizzes you can login with your Learnclick username and the first time it will download all quizzes you created. The next time you open the app, it will just download quizzes that you edited or added since you last launched the app. In learnclick.com you can create a class and assign your quizzes to that class. This way your students can also use the Learnclick Mobile app by logging in with their student username.


The purpose of the app is so that you can practice wherever you are. It doesn't send back the answers to our server, so if you plan to use the quizzes for exams, ask your students to access the quizzes through the browser.


You have to check "Allow download to mobile app" under the "Visible To" tab. Warning: Only check this if the quiz is for practicing purposes. Don't check it if the quiz is supposed to be a graded test!




New: Get your own customized Quiz-App

We can create a quiz app for you that has your own logo and branding. See our blog article for more information.


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